Here is list of various build projects that can be used to enhance student learning experiences. Happy Building!!!

Mobile phone spectroscope design from Ron Bradbury at UNE.

Mobile phone spectroscope design from Ron Bradbury at UNE.

Smartphone spectroscope - Ron bradbury Une

Want to build a smartphone spectroscope to use with your science class? Print off this design from Ron Bradbury at UNE and purchase the Holographic Diffraction grating from Edmund Optics and get building!

The H-R Diagram

Plotting the luminosity of a star versus its surface temperature to reveal the main stellar groups; Main Sequence, Red Giants, Super Giants and White Dwarfs

HR Diagram Farrer.JPG
HR diagram photos.JPG

Plotting the HR DIAGRAM.

These resources are great for plotting the HR Diagram with your students.

The students will need a set of HR Diagram Circles per group. These take a long time to cut out. In addition to this your students will need the HR Diagram handout which has lots of great questions on it.

The answers to the handout are in the answers document below along with the teacher lesson guide.

I use 2x poster paper sticky taped together for the board and draw on the axis using the teacher notes.