Atmospheric Carbon Dioxide, Global Warming & Tree Growth



You are a Scientist who has just performed an experiment to investigate if increased levels of Carbon Dioxide result in higher levels of Plant growth.

You performed your experiment in a fictional facility called NewEnglandFACE (New England Forest Free-Air Carbon Dioxide Enrichment) or a fictional facility called NewEngland Whole Tree Chambers. This facility has the same dimensions and parameters as the EcuFACE facility in Western Sydney.

The results you obtained are listed below. From this data you must write a Scientific Article

Increased CO2 Data

Increased Temperature Data

Your task is write a scientific article using the following sections

  • Title - Meaningful and gives your reader a summary of your article

  • Abstract - Brief summary of your (theoretical) experiment, its setup / operations and its findings and conclusions. 1 large paragraph - No references.

  • Introduction - Summary of the current knowledge in the field of climate science, atmospheric carbon dioxide concentrations and fluctuations, effects of heat stress / increased carbon dioxide emissions. Must contain references using APA 6th style referencing. resources have been included for you below.

  •  Results - This must include a table and a graph of your data, in addition to this you need to carry out statistical analysis of your data including finding the; correlation coefficient r, line of best fit (linear regression line), equation of the line of best fit in the form y=mx + b, 

  • Discussion - This must include reference to your results and comparisons to other data and conclusions that have been drawn with other studies. You will also need to include your prediction here for your unknown value.

  • Conclusion - Half a page of concluding remarks about your study and possible further questions and hypothesis that have resulted from your investigation and research.

  • References
    You must include at least 6 references. These need to be sited correctly using the APA 6th Style referencing. The button below has a link to Sydney Universities guide on how to reference using APA 6th. 

Syllabus Outcomes Assessed:

Using Secondary-sourced Data

Inquiry question: How is secondary-sourced data used in practical investigations?


● Discuss how secondary-sourced data adds to the inferences and conclusions drawn from primary data

● Evaluate the usefulness of considering secondary-sourced research before undertaking an investigation to collect primary data, in order to:

– make inferences
– develop inquiry questions
– construct suitable hypotheses
– plan suitable investigations
– avoid unnecessary investigation

● Gather secondary-sourced data describing historical instances of long-standing assumptions that have been updated by scientific investigation, including but not limited to: 

- human influences on atmospheric pollution


Atmospheric Carbon Dioxide Levels


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